SESA Select Programs

SESA Select Programs

The Select programs are our competitve travel state sanctioned club teams. There are 5 levels to the Select program; Jr Academy, Academy, Select, High School Select, and U23 Select.

  • Jr Academy, is for ages u6 & u7. This program trains weekly with our pro staff and is head coached by a staff coach. The teams play in the rec league u8 division and plays in the spring and fall home tournaments. It is an introduction to club soccer without the added travel. Our Jr Academy is set up to teach the fundamentals and better prepare players to develop their technical skills and understanding than what they would likely recieve playing in the normal rec league.
  • The Academy leve is u9 & u10. Boys and girls play in different teams at this level. Players travel to 4 designated play dates for their league games and attend 3 tournaments per season. The progam is a full year (fall and spring season). Players attend regular training sessions each week with their heac coach and the pro staff coach rotation. Player developmetn is tracked and evaluated each season. The focus of the Academy program is to increase technical ability, passing concepts, 1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending, and basic team tactical concepts.


  • Select level is broken down into two age grouping; u11/12 and u13/14. The u11/12 teams play 9v9 games while the u13/14 play 11v11. Each team has multiple training sessions each week with their head coach and one of the pro coaches. Teams play in the Iowa Soccer League (ISL) and compete against other club teams in Iowa. They have a few more travel league days (6+). Each team plays in 3 tournaments each season. Seasons are full year, fall and spring. At this stage the focus is expanding concepts of team tactics, advanced ball mastery, positional understanding, and individual mastery of multiple skills and positions. At the 13/14 age playes may start to develop towards a more specific group of positions but all players learn how to play every position at a competitive level.


  • The high school select is the our most competitive youth program. Age groups are typically broken into u15/16 and u17/18/19. All teams are fall season only as Iowa high school is in the spring. Team play a minimum of 6 games in the ISL and attend 3 tournaments. Teams are more closesly overseen by DOC/ADOC with weeekly training sessions run by head coach and pro coaches. At this age u15/16 players will begin to specialize in 2 or 3 related positions. The 17/18/19 players may develop in a primary position and another secondary position. At this stage the focus is technical mastery, tactical understanding and real time decision making, system and style understanding, and advanded concepts that make up the physcial/mental/technical/and tactical components of the game. While development is still the primary focus, more emphasis is placed on being competitive to drive development.


  • The u23 select is the highest level of play at SESA and one of the highest levels of play in the area, most clubs do not have u23 programs. The u23 is specifically designed for local players on a college roster, in college, and college bound high schoolers. The program has a summer and winter season with regular training sessions run by the ADOC (former college player and current college coach). The program is run like a competitve college program and players are challenged to continue to develop in all areas of the game. Players are able to continue to improve and better prepare for their college seasons by playing with the u23 program. High schoolers are also able to train and play with current college players and recieve top level coaching and make tremendous improvements. There are seperate men's and women's teams that play in the local 11v11 league and will be attending the Iowa Soccer Adult Championship series.

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