The highest level of play in the area is the SESA u23 program. Designed for local and non local college players and the college bound high school players in the area. For many college players, returning home during the summer and winter is a struggle to maintain the level of play they had been training at with their college team, let alone actually make improvements. And for the players attending a local college, having an option to remain in the area and train and play is very valuable. For the college bound younger players, the opportunity to train and play at a high level in a college like environment gives them a leg up. In 2017 SESA started the u23 program so that the growing number of local men's and women's college players would have a program to play with during the summer off season. In 2023 SESA joined the Nationally recognized USASA sanctioned Midwest Premier League for the men's first team.

The program trains multiple times each week, and is coached by current college coaches and former college players who know exactly what it takes to play at the college level. The u23 program will have multiple teams that players can be placed on: Men's First Team, Men's Reserve, & Men's 3rd. The reserves and 3rd teams will compete in local 11v11 league games, with opportunities for possible movement up. The 3rd team is more geared towards the younger aged players, giving appropriate mix of challenge and success.

The women's side will have a First Team and a Reserves Team. The first team will play in 1-4 exhibition games and both teams will compete in the local 11v11 league, providing ample playing opportunities.

Players will receive two team training/game tops, have access to college recruiting resources, a fitness program, and networking opportunities, as well as recorded games and some recorded training sessions.

Men's First Team program schedule: Training starts May 6th, 3 training sessions a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. Program ends July 28th. It is acceptable for players to miss some sessions due to travel, vacations, work, etc. and is expected during the summer months. Some absences do not prohibit participation in league games. First team players are required to attend at a minimum 75% of training sessions and be availalbe for 75% of league games. Training will take place at the SESA training grounds at the Burlington RecPlex. First Team players are expected to be available for the majority of games and practices and may have some additional responsibilities or expectations as part of the first including fan meet and greats, clinics, etc.

Men's & Women's u23 regular training schedule: M/W/F starting June 3rd, ending July 28th. There will be opportunities to start training early for players that are available before June 3rd.

During registration players will indicate their interest to be selected for the First Team. Roster spots are limited, but all players will be able to train and play at an appropriate level. All players interested in the Men's First Team should attend the Tryouts on March 16th. Tryout fees will be applied to season fee. Players unable to attend tryouts can still register for the season and indicate their interest in consideration for the first team and will be evaluated during the first weeks of training.

All players will be evaluated during the first weeks of training and rosters will communicated after. Rosters will depend on final numbers and there will likely by roster movement and other opportunities. Men's First Team players that do no feature for MWPL games will be able to play with the reserves squad.

The SESA u23 program has facilitated the playing career of more than 50 players at all divisions and levels of play since it's inception. We are pursuing additional opportunities to provide high level training and play by participating in competitive amateur leagues, such as the Midwest Premier League & Women's Premier Soccer League in the near future; continued success and participation is the key to making those goals possible.

SESA MidWest Premier League Game Schedule- TBD May-July

For any questions please contact Program Director Baret Ertzinger at ADOC@SESASoccer.com

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