Tryouts (Teaming)

Don't let the word scare you, "tryouts" is just what Iowa Soccer has all clubs call their process of registering and evaluating players for the upcoming season during a set window of time. A better way to think of it is "teaming," or where does each player best fit and what players together make an appropriate group for a team. We take this opportunity to make sure that the players who want to play, appropriately fit with the team that their birth year aligns with. Sometimes a player might benefit more from playing down a year, sometimes they might benefit more from playing up, most always, they fit just fine where they are. We don't cut players based on skill because no player has reached their potential yet and every player can and will improve and develop skills over time. We want to make sure that every play is appropriately placed for their skill and developmental needs, and tryouts is where we get to observe individual players and the group as a whole.

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