In each fall and spring season, SESA teams attend a minimum of 2 tournaments and have the option to attend an additional 3rd event. All teams attend the home tournaments; the Monster Match in October, and Mississippi Cup in May, and the Turf Wars 4v4 tournament in February. The DOC selects which tournaments each team will attend, or give options of suitable tournaments to attend. The tournaments are selected based on travel (preference is given to tournaments that do not require overnight stays), competition level, number of teams in the tournament division pool, variety of Competition (play new teams), and previous experience of the competitions.

Tournaments attended in the past: Muscatine (Fall & Spring), FC United (Fall & Spring), Peoria, Just For Girls/ Just For Boys (Fall & Spring), Dubuque (Fall & Spring), Iowa City (Fall, Spring, & Winter), East Moline Spring Shootout, etc.

SESA may allow teams to attend additional tournaments at cost for those who choose to attend. Additional playing opportunities are also available to players with approval of DOC. Examples are Union program Kansas City showcase, Adidas Tournament of Champions Showcase, Iowa City Bubble winter tournament, Guest playing, etc.

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