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Academy boys are coached by Matt Maerz. Matt is new to coaching with SESA, but has years of coaching experience and skilled in coaching younger players. Matt is also the coach of the Keokuk girls high school team. The academy team will train together and attend the same league play dates and tournaments. Players that are familiar with each other and have played together for several years will be able to perform better in the future as the group will be on the same team and have grown and developed together. The Academy boys teams are full of energetic, bright, and fun players pasionate about soccer. They are focusing on improving their personal skills on the ball and how to work together as a team. Practices focus on a lot of skill based training that incorperates 1v1 attacking and defending, passing, shooting, creating and using space, and understanding basic tactical concepts. New players are accepted at any point and this is the perfect age to get a taste of club level soccer and build critical skills to advance their development.

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