Should players stay home if symptomatic?

- Yes. Players need to stay home from training if they exhibit symptoms or are not feeling well. This should also be done for common illnesses as well to help minimize the potential spread to others.

What personal hygiene measures should players be taking?

- Players should be washing their hands often and after contact with another person or object. Coaches, players, and parents should all be practicing frequent hand washing and sanitation when interacting with others and/ or shared objects. Players should also limit the sharing of things like soccer balls, and should NOT be sharing water, food, pennies, or other items that may have sweat or other partials on them.

Do players still need to distance?

- During phases 3 and 4 players do not need to socially distance and are able to play as normal (contact). However, during phase 3 coaches are to maintain distance from players. As we return to phase 4, social distancing is not required for players, but parents and spectators should still distance when on the sideline watching.

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